Jay C. Petry

Jay Petry - PMG.jpg


30 years of experience in Safety supporting the Industrial, Construction, Utility and Government segments.  -Extensive knowledge in Fall Protection.



Teresa Rothanzl

Teresa Rothanzl.jpg

Director of Operations

Over 20 years supporting Customers in the Safety industry.  Values putting the Customer 1st and providing quick responses.

Mary Jo Manestar

Mary Jo Manestar - PMG.jpg

Director of Finance

Finance and numbers girl with 25 years in the Safety Industry.  Tables a bit into customer service to support the Team.

Jeff Springer

Jeff Springer - PMG.jpg

Business Development Manager

Nebraska, North Dakota, South Dakota

Worked in the Safety Industry since 1996.  Enjoys helping companies improve their safety programs and provide solutions.

Mark Gaines

Mark Gaines - PMG.jpg

Business Development Manager

Eastern Missouri, Southern Illinois

Been in the Safety field since 1990.  Most proud of the fact he helps keep workers safe in his day to day activities.

Joe Brandel

Joe Brandel.jpg

Business Development Manager

Northwest Missouri, Kansas

23 years experience in the Industrial, Construction, and Safety business.



Chris Dickey

Chris Dickey - PMG.jpg

Business Development Manager


15 years of experience providing safety solutions to our customers.

Nick Hoffman

Nick Hoffman

Business Development Manager

Northern Illinois

Over 20 years in the Safety, Material Handling and Construction Industry.  Main focus is to find and provide the safest, most advanced solutions to keep everyone working as efficient as possible.



Michael Brockway

Michael Brockway.jpeg

Business Development Manager

Minnesota, Wisconsin

33+ years in Safety Industry with a Bachelor's & Master's Degree in Occupational Safety. Love to help customers solve safety issues and problems.

Rick Loomis


Business Development Manager

Arizona, Nevada, New Mexico, W. Texas

25+ years of experience in the Safety field, providing solutions to customers in the Construction, Industrial, Utility, and Mining Industries.

Brian Sebastian


Business Development Manager

Colorado, Montana, Utah, Wyoming

Qualified Safety Sales Professional with over 20 years of safety experience, and a trusted safety partner to hundreds of nationwide.  Strength is to provide personalized, local support offer safety solutions customized to the needs of his customers.  Moto: YOUR SAFETY OUR PASSION